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Waiting, Waking, Wading and Walking – four voices

One event, four voices, four experiences of the “in between”.  Shabbat AM “The Last Seder” on April 19th – an interfaith event. Amichai Lau-Lavie – Spiritual LeaderOn Saturday we waited. Waited, along with the fleeing slaves,  for the sea to part or for something to save us from the Egyptian army on our heels. Waited,…

Omer Counter by Tobi Kahn

Sacred Seven Cycle – Week One – Done!

The Art of Counting/Amichai Lau-Lavie April 23 2014 YESTERDAY was Earth Day, the Eighth Day of Passover, my 45th Birthday, and the end of the first week of seven in the sacred count. Clearly, some days matter more. But what matters most is the art of counting.  TODAY we begin counting the second week of…


Still No Abomination, After All These Years.

This coming Shabbat marks 32 years since I chanted my Torah portion in an Orthodox Synagogue in Manhattan. Here is the speech I didn’t make, wrote last year – and is re-released, per popular demand.   This round goes out to all of us who want to read the coming out of the narrow place…


Better Seder: Watch Amichai’s 60 min. Webinar

I got to spent an hour with 120 people from all over the world getting ready for Passover by going over my recipe for a better Seder: www.sayder.com Missed it? here’s the link to the webinar video. http://vimeo.com/90871291   Special thanks to the ROI team in Jerusalem. Tweet