An epic night at JEWDITH and SPIN

Last night, at the Slipper Room, Lab/Shul Season Pass holders were invited to participate in a reading and conversation about Judith, the controversial, apocryphal biblical character. Could we get behind a woman known for being a seductress and a renegade? How do you bond with a sister who is a slayer? Esther Perel, the accomplished…


8for8 Night 4: “Who?” by Rabbi Sharon Brous

“ANYONE WHO NEEDS A SECOND CHANCE”  I know this guy.  Growing up, his home was glatt kosher (and that’s pretty kosher), but still not kosher enough for his cousins and grandparents because his parents would occasionally turn on the lights during Shabbat. He struggled with the stringencies of Jewish observance. He was taught to read…


8for8 Night 3: “When?” by Rabbi Noa Kushner

“WHEN YOU NEED LIGHT THE MOST”  You light Hanukkah candles when it’s dark. When it’s the time of year that’s so dark out that even though you’re a totally modern, totally with-it, science believing kind of person, there’s still a tiny part of you that wonders every night if it is ever really going to…


8for8 Night 2: “Where” by Amichai Lau-Lavie

“RIGHT HERE: RECLAIM LOCAL” One of Hanukkah’s hidden talents is that it focuses us on the here and now, if only for as long as it takes to light a candle. Our digital lives have us living in multi-grids at once; however, for eight nights, even if we upload every latke on Snapchat, the moment…


8for8 Night 1: “What” by Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann

“WHATEVER STORY NEEDS TO BE TOLD THIS YEAR” Jenna’s grandmother was likely not going to make it through the holidays. She had held on through Rosh Hashanah, but during the Ten Days of Repentance between the High Holidays, she was beginning to lose her grip on life. She whispered to Jenna’s father, “I know Jenna’s unhappy. She has…


Raising the Bar – Justice Club 12/14/14 Recap

We had another wonderful gathering of the Justice Club. In commemoration of the upcoming 20th anniversary of Yithak Rabin’s assassination, the organization, Dror Israel established an exhibit to address and the themes of hatred and violence, freedom and responsibility.   There are 18 exhibits spread across the country and the goal is to educate and…


Watch Hanukkah Reignited on PBS & Amichai on Dreidels

Check out some Hanukkah video goodies: Missed out on our Hanukkah: Reignited event with the Jewish Theological Seminary? You can view it HERE.Amichai’s Secret of the Spinning Top: Here & Now Talk: from the JTS Hanukkah Event.


Shmita-thon 2014 Recap

December’s Fallow Lab theme is “place.” As a community we are creating a sacred and spiritual place, and at last evening’s Shmita-thon, that place was in full swing. A number of our community members came together on Maiden Lane to call in the stores for the upcoming year. Thanks to so many volunteers, good nosh…


The Shmita-thon is ON

Tonight, from 5:30-9:00pm, a group of us will gather at Lab/Shul’s offices at 125 Maiden Lane for our second annual ‘Shmita-thon.’ We will follow up on pledges that have been made to Lab/Shul over the past few months and reach out to old and new friends with an invitation to continue or begin investing in Lab/Shul’s…


Hanukkah Reignited – watch here

Dec. 2nd, Amichai along with his co-creators Dr. Burt Visotzky and Abigail Pogrebin, hosted an unprecedented event.Read more about it here.  Missed the livestream? You can watch it now in its entirety HERE.  Join us for Lab/Shul’s next Hanukkah events – something for everyone.Info HERE