Virtual Ritual Reality – Lab/Shul in the News

When the act of remembering one’s loved ones becomes blessings for so many: Esther Kustanowitz writes of four new ways for making the Mourners Kaddish more accessible and meaningful, including the weekly Virtual Kaddish Call, Lab/Shul’s “experiment in virtual ritual reality.” Read the full article on the Jewish Journal: Reconsidering Kaddish: Four new approaches to an…


Lab/Shul + Base BKLYN Present: BYOArt

It’s midnight and I’m working on a new poem about “love” for the upcoming Valentine’s Day Love Rally in Washington Square Park (quick shameless plug: The Love Rally – it’s going to be amazing. Do you realize how many brilliant people are speaking??) I’m not nearly as last minute with this one as I have been in the…


Sacred Wall, Now Everybody Friendly: Reflections on 30 years of claiming change.

Sacred Wall, Now Everybody Friendly: Reflections on 30 years of claiming change.  Amichai Lau-Lavie January 31 2016 הנוסח העברי בתחתית העמוד One summer night in 1986 I was dragged away and then detailed by Israeli soldiers and police at the Western Wall for participating in a co-ed ritual service. It was the eve of Tisha…


Big, Bigger…Biggest??

The XL Patchwork Prayer Shawl Project Lab/Shul is growing… and so is our tallit – but only with your help! Remember our big purple tallit (prayer shawl) we use at all our worship events? It fits about 35 people – so we’re making it GIGANTIC to fit even more. We’re creating a supersize patchwork tallit…


Stories of Regeneration – Lab/Shul in the News

“The stories from next generations are not just about the past, or even just about the memory and legacy of the Holocaust as an isolated event. The other big question, Lau-Lavie says, is about ‘the moral and ethical questions we take with us… How to translate this stark legacy into courage and real moral behavior.’”…


“A Gesamtkunstwerk of T’fillah” – Lab/Shul in the News

“Lab/shul, where party and davening are merging, and where – perhaps for the first time in my life – I felt I could bring any friends, acquaintances or relatives to be part of it, without feeling out of place!” We are humbled to be the feature of a new article for the international MAROM Journal,…




SlingshotLab/Shul is proud to have been selected as one of the 50 most innovative Jewish organizations in North America by Slingshot 2014-15 – a prestigious, world-recognized guide for innovation.