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The Day After – A Year Later: Mourning, Milestone, More…

The Day After: One Year Later
Amichai Lau-Lavie
It was packed in the funeral home: with people and with emotions. Over 300 of us gathered this past Monday night, the Ninth of Av at the Plaza Memorial Chapel on the Upper West Side, to mourn a city that was destroyed long ago, a people ravaged by tragic wars, and a ruined temple. But we were not only thinking of history: we were also weeping for cities that have suffered war in recent weeks, for people struck by current violence and for sacred care replaced by rage, violence and hatred.  This year’s fast day of Tisha B’av touched a deep chord for all of us, and as folks from Lab/Shul sat with folks from our sister congregation Romemu - it felt good to be together -honestly dealing with what’s in our hearts and minds – on the journey to healing. It’s been a rough month. Crying, singin

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Mothers Prayer for Peace – Printable Version

In response to the latest cycle of violence in the Middle East, Sheikha Ibtisam Mahameed and Rabba Tamar Elad-Appelbaum – two religious leaders from Israel who are mothers and lovers of peace composed “The Prayer of the Mothers.” They invite the recital of this prayer along with a new ritual: Inviting us all to light…

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No Pain Like My Pain? Listen to our 3rd Open Phone Conversation

  What did we talk about?  Our third open phone call about the situation in Israel & Gaza had 30 callers on today – from all over the world. In the context of Tisha B’av –  the day of mourning for the historical demise of Jerusalem and many other Jewish calamities over the centuries –…


Audio Recording of our 2nd Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Conference Call

Empathy AND solidarity with both sides of the conflict? How do we handle both while the crisis deepens? Yesterday evening, over 60 of us congregated technologically from far and wide – South Beach to Sydney, led by Amichai for an hour conversation about what’s happening in Israel, Gaza, and our reactions to it.  The theme…