Enlivening Jewish Prayer in Our Times Through Dance and Movement – Community Member Post

ENLIVENING JEWISH PRAYER IN OUR TIMES THROUGH DANCE AND MOVEMENTBy Rabbi Neal Kaunfer, Lab/Shul member   I believe that expressing Jewish prayer through dance and movement to uplifting Jewish spiritual music could appeal to Lab/Shul participants.  I feel it dovetails so well with the the Lab/shul approach:  artistically-driven,  providing lively and joyful experiences, and interactive…

LAB/SHUL Rosh Hashanah · Day 2 · 9/25/14 · Photo: Kate Glicksberg

Prayer is my Protest: Join me to Still Stand for Peace

Like many of us, I woke up this morning to the horror of more bloodshed in Jerusalem. Just before turning to my own morning meditation I found out about the murder of men wrapped in prayer shawls inside a sacred sanctuary turned into a crime scene. Prayers, silenced, becoming victims of terror, mundane morning turning…

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Reflections on Shmita & Time – Community Member Post

Shmita @ Lab/Shul The second night of Lab/Shul’s year long exploration into Shmita, the Levitical commandment to rest the soil every seven years was Wednesday, November 12th. Shmita a measure of time: From Interdiction to inspiration – opened a shared conversation towards unfolding shmita’s relevance in a 21st Century heavy urban, technologically enhanced environment. Reading…


Challah & Community – Shabbat2Go DIY Dinners Recap

Shabbat2Go RecapDina Rose Friedman Shabbat2Go Coordinator On Friday night, November 7th, Lab/Shul celebrated this year’s first round of Shabbat2GO DIY dinners, hosted at 6 different homes from Tribeca to Riverdale. We were provided with Shabbat Table Tents, printed tableware containing a selection of blessings, rituals and questions to help facilitate some meaningful conversation. Folks were jazzed.  I had a wonderful Friday night…


Mezooza Makeover – The Magic Continues in Montclair

Mezooza Makeover – Continues!Jenny Kravat Solomon Last weekend, my husband Michael and I had the honor of hosting the first hands-on “Mezooza Makeover” ritual. What a treat!  Amichai, Tobi Khan, and other friends and family gathered in our new home in Montclair to  ritually mark our doorpost, bless our home and create a space of love….


Soup Circle – Bring it On! Lab/Shul’s Healing Team Getting Started

Soup Circle – Bring it On!  Amichai Lau-Lavie What does it take to help someone feel better? Mentally, physically, spiritually? For those of us and those in our lives struggling with physical pain, mental challenges, infertility, aging, infirmity and just a really bad day — one useful tool is to think of ourselves of humans…



Check it out: SHABBAT 2 GO DIY KIT – TABLEWARE Our second version of the Shabbat2Go DIY KIT – print at home tableware to celebrate rituals and provoke juicy conversations. Co-designed by the Lab/Shul team and the Dov Abramson Studio in Jerusalem, these three tableware center pieces include two table-tents and one standing three-fold – containing a selection…


MC Paul Barman’s Adult B-Mitzvah (and rap!)

This past year, we expanded the Lab/Shul’s Raising the Bar (RTB) program to include a full, year-long adult BM process for the first time! The guinea pig? MC Paul Barman, a virtuosic hip-hop impresario. The process? A year of learning with maven mentor Jon Adam Ross that included Torah study, Jewish history, religious rites and…


Why I light two memorial candles today

Why I light two memorial candles today Amichai Lau-Lavie11/4/14 Today is voting day in the USA. An important privilege to change and improve the course of life for so many.  But today is also a loaded day for the Jewish people – and also -for my family. I want to share with you how it…


Feast Forward – Lab/Shul’s Week in Review 10/28/14

It was a really exciting weekend for Lab/Shul on the Family Front – last Saturday morning, we launched our first of a three-part series for families with kids aged 0-4 called StorahSteps – read all about it below. Later that evening, we gathered together with half of our brand new Raising the Bar cohort of families. Together,…