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20 Years Later – Honoring Rabin and Shabbat AM

This Week @ Lab/Shul

“We must think differently, look at things in a different way. Peace requires a world of new concepts, new definitions.”  –  Yitzhak Rabin

How do we balance honoring the past while walking towards a peaceful coexistence? If we chose peace above anything else, what would that look like?

In his recent blog post, Amichai wrote, “These days, with so much violence erupting again, as Messianic apocalyptic messages fill the air, such hopeful visions of peaceful embraces seem farther than ever, even childish and naive. Any leader who will attempt such measures will likely end up like Rabin, whose murder is invoked this week.”

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the assassination of Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Lab/Shul is proud to host the powerful and engaging Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Project as it pops up here in New York City. With the situation in Israel and Palestine rapidly deteriorating, join us for this exclusive opportunity to tour the exhibit as well as learn from Amichai and two of the exhibit’s dynamic educators, wrestling with our collective past on the road to peace.

Tuesday | 11/10 | 7:30-9:00pm

Charles MacKay Studio at the National Opera Center
(elevator to the 7th floor, then walk up to the 8th floor)
330 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001
(on the corner of 7th and W 29th)

$15 suggested donation
($5 of every donation will be given to Yad B’Yad, an incredible center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel that is helping create a shared and equal society)
Free for SeasonPass holders.



How do you know when you’ve done everything you can to nurture love? When, if ever, are you allowed to give up?

Join us (and our biblical matriarch Rebecca!) this Saturday for our first Shabbat AM of the season where we will wrestle together with these questions amidst our everybody-friendly musical worship event. Music, singing, original poetry, storytelling, Storahtelling, kids programs, coffee and nosh. Sharelearn, and build community.

Don’t forget to show off your Thanksgiving baking skills by bringing in your best pumpkin, “pumpkin spice,” or Thanksgiving baked good to share with the community. And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if it’s from Trader Joes…


Saturday | 11/14 | 9:30am-12:30pm

9:30am – 10:00am coffee and shmooze
10:00am – 12:30pm worship, kids programming, and Storahtelling

City Winery (155 Varick St.), one of New York’s most unique wineries and the only one located in Manhatten.

Lead this month by Naomi Less with outstanding ritual musicians including Daniel Ori,Katie Down, & Shoshana Jedwab, along with our Mavens Naamah Imir & Shoshana Jedwab performing a brand new Storahtelling on Toldot.

What should I bring?

Thanksgiving bake off! Please bring in your best pumpkin, “pumpkin spice,” or Thanksgiving baked good to share with the community.

Don’t forget to label your dish with your name and a description, and to note if it contains dairy, nuts, or gluten!

For more info and to read about the musicians and Mavens, click here!


Almost Sold Out! Reserve Your Seat, Today!

DIY Jewish Theology for the Age of Post Patriarchy
Nov. 11 & 18, Dec. 2 & 9 | 6:30-8PM
Temple Emanu-El Skirball Center

Four controversial conversations with Amichai Lau-Lavie exploring a new spiritual vocabulary and reclaimed technologies for personal growth and collective transformation.   More Info