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3 Ways to Show Up in 2017

Wow 2017, you’ve just started and we are feeling so many emotions already.

What next? What can we each do to be part of the global move for change while finding ways to find inspiration and have more impact closer to home?

We can show up for one another. Our people have known this secret for many generations – showing up for ourselves and our neighbors, in ways small and large, is the essence of hope, possibility and lasting change. 

In 2017, Lab/Shul will show up by rededicating efforts of community-building and community organizing, supporting each other’s ongoing life needs and building our power as a community for positive change in our uncertain world.

Here’s three ways we can show up right now for one another, for New York, and for positive change in the world:

1. HANDS-ON: Volunteer with Lab/Shul. Co-create Lab/Shul magic at our program and events. Your hands help steer us in the right direction with less stress, more joy. CONTACT: [email protected]

2. ACTIVATE: RSVP for Activate: 3 Community Organizing and Brainstorming Sessions on Jan. 18th, Feb. 15th, and March 1st. Practice the fundamentals of organizing and help to shape what it means to be a community that cares for one another and the world.

3. MARCH with Lab/Shul at the NYC Women’s March on January 21st, in support of equality and civil rights for every human. Sign up here and stay tuned for more location details.

2017, welcome, along with all emotions. We know what to do and we can show up with our Lab/Shul people, local and global – for ourselves, for community and solidarity, and for hope and possibility.

– Rabbi Amichai & Rabbi Kerry