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How many people does it take to hold open a Torah Scroll?

How many people does it take to hold open a Torah Scroll?  
panoramic of torah and musiciansLet’s just say around 100
And this past Saturday – Lab/Shul officially said goodbye to the High Holy Day Season and hello to the new cycle of Torah for the year – back into the Beginning. A hands-on ritual moment built by Lab/Shul ritual musicians, new Raising the Bar students who held the Torah eytzim (wooden scrolls) and all of your voices.  

The Lab/Shul community gathered on what seems to have been the last nice-weather day in Midtown to unscroll the Torah, recap the highlights through story and song, give each participant a Torah-Tarot  word for the year, and en joy a delicious potluck picnic. 

yoni saxingOur deep gratitude to Michael Stern and the good people of Stonehenge Properties for the generous permission to use thie Ritz Memorial Plaza. 

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(Also note – the Stonehenge properties have apartment rentals for New Yorkers – and are all about community building just like us.  They have offered generously to contribute to Lab/Shul should any of our folks rent or refer someone to rent in their buildings. )

Check out these great photos, kind courtesy of Jennifer Lee, HEREchloe shira rachel and ora - great pic