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7 Lessons for Defending Immigration From Israeli Refugee Activists


How do we fight for refugees and co-create safer sanctuaries in our hearts, homes, and homelands?

Lab/Shul is proud to partner with New Israel Fund in hosting Mutasim Ali, one of the leaders of the Justice for Refugees Movement in Israel, TOMORROW at Shabbat AM @ Judson Memorial Church. In June 2016, Mutasim Ali became the only Sudanese national to be granted refugee status by Israel.

ALL AGES our invited to hear his incredible story, refuel soul, prep for Passover with your kids, and learn important lessons from role models past and present. Plus coffee and bagels, of course.

Please don’t forget to bring:
1. Kosher for Passover macaroons to fill the Passover desert afikomen bags made by our Local Action partners, Project ORE It’s Macaroon Madness!
2. A baked good (or brunch-y offering) to share with the community. We’ve got the coffee and l’chayim.


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