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What if the Passover Seder was not just the world’s longest build-up to a feast? What if it could be reinvented as a meaningful modern-day ritual that included highlights from the traditional Hagadah and encouraged real conversation about what matters most to us?

Sayder is an alternative Seder recipe, a new spin on an ancient ceremony that celebrates Passover’s best and gets rids of the rest. Structured around a new version of the four questions, Sayder preserves the drama of storytelling, the art of retrospection, the depth of conversation and the courage of optimism found in the traditional Seder but simplifies the event and enhances its relevance to and resonance with our modern lifestyle. Sayder is a simple format that will work anywhere, anytime, for anyone. Some restrictions apply.

How does it work? The host prepares the event, leading the guests in four rounds of questions. Each round features one question, one refill of wine, and one topic/conversation. Food can be integrated in between rounds. Other readings, musical musings, and personal stories are optional. Sayder can be in a family or public context, for any duration of time. Sayder is a great addition to your traditional Seder or an alternative to all other nights.

Download the Sayder Packet in English or in Hebrew.