What We Believe In

Welcome: We are committed to inclusiveness  and diversity, inviting  seekers of all ages, backgrounds and interests. Jewish or Jew-ish? welcome home.

Worship: Our spiritual practice is grounded in Jewish traditions and contemplative methods from around the world, combining classical and modern liturgies, interactive dramatic storytelling and new technologies in creating transformational tools for nurturing our soul, body and mind.

Learning: Beyond Bnai Mitzvah, we will create opportunities for in depth exploration, study, milestones and life cycle celebrations, inviting all to delve deeper into knowledge and personal growth.

Global: LAB/SHUL is located in NYC but reaching the world.  For the first few years of operation we will be in pop-up mode, exploring different venues and zip codes through online outreach and in person programs, LAB/SHUL will also serve as the hub for explorations of new models for worship, study, and community building, including leadership training programs in Storahteling’s signature pedagogy, The Maven Method.