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Activate Your Inner Activist (Community Guest Post)

We’re all feeling so inspired by the 20+ Lab/Shul community members who came for the first of our three part series, Activate: A Community Organizing Brainstorm and Training Session.

At the next session we’ll determine what we are bringing to sustain one another and to contribute to movements towards justice; what are our gifts, skills and assets?

Feb 15th, 6:30-8:30pm, @ Lab/Shul Office – 125 Maiden Lane
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Thank you so much to Caroline Rothstein for sharing her insights and reflections from our first session:

After attending last week’s “Activate: A Community Organizing Training and Brainstorming Session” led by Rabbi Kerry, I have been thinking about the word “activate,” its sibling word “activist,” and their word of origin “active,” from the Latin agere – to do, to drive, to lead. How potent and ripe to have called last night an activation. A spark. A moment to begin and ignite. 

We brainstormed how to activate Lab/Shul both internally and externally. Lab/Shul is a space that leverages the power of love and activates love as a force. We discussed possibilities for a Justice Team, an initiative that activates love outside of the Lab/Shul community in solidarity with and for other justice and love movements, as well as a Love Squad that activates our potential for and vastness of love within our community.

And so, coming off of last weekend, such a vulnerable time for our country and communities at large, with new opportunities to activate resistance, a vital time to leverage the sweet spot where love and power meet, may we chose agere – to do with our full and whole hearts.

– Caroline Rothstein