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Amichai’s Brand New “How To Jew It” 101 Course

You’re curious about Judaism and what this 3,000 year old tradition has to offer your life? Welcome.

I’m so excited to invite Lab/Shul to this brand new 18 part course, beginning Feb. 23rd, in which I will share with some of the highlights, core concepts, master stories, key figures and building blocks of what Judaism means to me, what it has meant to so many generations before us, and why I find it a compelling path towards a life of meaning, mindfulness, creativity and connection.

Each of the 18 concepts chosen to outline this course offer a glimpse into Judaism’s emphasis on a life of learning, spiritual practice and communal responsibility. Topics include:

KODESH/SACRED – Sanctifying Space and Time
HALACHA/THE PATH OF LAW – Walk the Talk, from Legendary to Legalistic Rendering of Jewish Life.
MINYAN/COMMUNITY – Who’s in, Who Counts? The Evolving Norms of Communal Culture
HINENI/HERE I AM – Cultivating Spiritual Practice

This is an everybody-friendly course, open to all seekers regardless of background or beliefs. Curiosity, respect for others and an open mind and heart are mostly all that’s needed.

CLICK HERE for a full course outline and descriptions of all the sessions.

INTERESTED IN TAKING THIS COURSE? Email Matt Check, Director of Jewish Education at the 92nd St Y, for a five-minute informal interview and to learn the next steps: [email protected]Then join me on any of these calls to so I can answer any questions you have:
Thursday, Jan 5th
Sunday, Jan 22nd
Friday, Jan 27th

I look forward to going on a meaningful journey together

– Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie