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Audio Recording of our 2nd Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Conference Call

Empathy AND solidarity with both sides of the conflict? How do we handle both while the crisis deepens?

Yesterday evening, over 60 of us congregated technologically from far and wide – South Beach to Sydney, led by Amichai for an hour conversation about what’s happening in Israel, Gaza, and our reactions to it.  The theme that resonated most for folks touched on the need to express compassion for our fellow humans and all innocent souls hurt here – while standing firmly with our brothers and sisters in Israel. Tragedy spurs unity, but we must find a way to break up some of the polarization that could have potentially crushing long term effects worldwide as a result of this conflict.  We shared concerns, ideas, questions and hopes. If you missed our second call, listen below.

Please feel free to email comments, questions, or feedback to [email protected].

The conversation continues – join us again on Tuesday, August 5th, Tisha B’Av day, at noon EST, another hour of  reflection and discussion, led by Amichai. Please send your RSVPs to Molly, this call will be on the phone only.

Until then, let us hope for more peaceful and tolerant days.