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Babies! In the Beginning, Again.

Dear Lab/Shul Community,

So thrilled to share wonderful news!

This past Saturday morning our community met in the beautiful JCC Harlem to celebrate Shabbat, unscroll our Torah scroll from beginning to end, and welcome a new baby.

We ended up welcoming two new babies!

Beloved Lab/Shul regulars Helena, Matthew and Micah Darwin-Zimmer joined us in the middle of the fully opened Torah scroll as we chanted the first lines of Genesis and welcomed little Milo into our community circle.

And just as we were getting started, the news came from Mount Sinai West: Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman became the proud parents of a healthy baby girl! Please scroll down to read the beautiful note + how to help sent by the grateful and excited parents, and stay tuned for info on our community celebrations coming soon.

Before wrapping the Torah back again we co-created an oracular poem for the year: five randomly chosen words, one from each of the five books, translated Maven-style to give us guidance for the year ahead. We received Ba’derech / Ba’Aretz / Korban / Shalom / Chen, so here’s our collective Torah-Tarot poem for 5778, babies and all:

On our path
along this Earth,
an offering
of intimate peace
reveals grace.

MAZAL TOV to the Less’s, Grossmans, Darwins, and Zimmers. May this new path you are beginning lead you, and all of us, into a year of celebrations, intimacy, peace, grace, and justice.

– Rabbi Amichai and the Lab/Shul Team

New Leaf on the Tree of Life
A Note From Naomi and Glenn

Welcome to the world …. Marlo Bree!!! Born at 7:27 a.m. on Saturday, October 14, 8.14oz, 20.5 inches! Baby and mom and dad are healthy and well!

There are so many people, from the myriad types of medical professionals in the reproductive field (immunology, endocrinology, ob/gyn), to the folks who helped contribute to countless fertility treatments through anonymous dollars, borrowing and renting cars for us to the Syracuse clinic, hotel points, research, support – 6 and a half years of treatments, ups and many downs – you were there for us. Deep gratitude to Naomi’s partners in the Jewish fertility journeys field – at Uprooted, UJA and many other organizations and individuals. And for unwavering spiritual, emotional and professional support to the Lab/Shul staff, board and community and literally LOADS of clergy and fellow sacred musicians around the country and world. And most importantly – to our friends and our families.

We honestly didn’t know if this day would ever come – but you all kept the faith and kept us strong even when we fell apart. Thank you.

Want to help out? Yes, we have a registry – it includes not just physical items, but other ways to contribute to helping set up her world – heart offerings of the hands and wallet – whatever works for you – we’re grateful for our community circle. Thank you. CLICK HERE for the registry.

All our love,
Glenn and Naomi