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Be a part of Freedom’s Feast on April 4th

Join us for Freedom’s Feast: A sacred night led by Jewish and Christian faith leaders, along with performing artists, musicians and local leaders, to share a meaningful moment in a unique celebration of memory, freedom and human dignity. 

April 4th 2015 marks the first day of Passover, the Eve of Easter Sunday, and the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther Jr’s assassination. Let us gather as a community committed  to the continued pursuit of freedom from all forms of slavery as the centerpiece of our communal New York City table.

Freedom’s Feast features highlights from the Passover Seder and the Biblical narratives of Passover and Easter, multimedia interactive storytelling, a  festive feast (with kosher for passover options) live music and prayer, contemplation, conversation  and a call to action for justice across America and all over the world.

Saturday Night, April 4, 2015

 BAM Cafe
For adults and children ages 10+

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List of Presenters  – In Formation 

(Alphabetically by Organization)

Auburn Theological Seminary

Lisa Anderson

Rev. Dr. John Vaughn

Sabrina Hayeem-Ladani

Bend the Arc

Stosh Cotler

CityLights Community

Rev. Vince Anderson

David Broza

Forest City Ratner

Bruce Ratner

Intersections International

Barbara Costigan, Board Member

Kolot Chayeinu

Franny Silverman

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann

Lab/Shul NYC

Amichai Lau-Lavie

Glenn Grossman

Naomi Less

Noah Chase Solomon

Shira Kline

Marble Collegiate Church

Rev. Kirsty DePree

Union Theological Seminary

Rev. Kimberleigh  Jordan

Reserve Your Seats:

Premier Individual – $500  (main table seating+ enabling three more people to attend at subsidized prices) 
Premier Couple – $900 for two seats (main table seating+ enabling six more people to attend at subsidized prices) 

General Admission – $100

Family Reservations (limit 5 tickets) $75 per seat

Students, Seniors and Starving Artists Seats $65 (Discount Code Required – please email [email protected] for assistance)

To Reserve Your Seat – CLICK HERE

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For further information and assistance with reservations, call 212-908-2523