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Big, Bigger…Biggest??

The XL Patchwork

Prayer Shawl Project


Lab/Shul is growing…

and so is our tallit – but only with your help!

Remember our big purple tallit (prayer shawl) we use at all our worship events? It fits about 35 people – so we’re making it GIGANTIC to fit even more. We’re creating a supersize patchwork tallit (maybe we’ll hit a world record?!) with donated shawls from you – members of our community, friends and fans.

Got an old or unused tallit in good shape that you want to donate to this creative project? We’d love to have it! The plan is to inaugurate it for the first time on May 21st at Amichai’s Ordination Shabbat AM, and then wrap and cover the community with it at all our future worship events.

A great team of Lab/Shul friends, led by the talented artist Roanne Kolvenbach, is helping spearhead this project, inviting all of us to lend a hand in whatever way we can.

Here’s how:

  • Bring your old or unused prayer shawl to any of our events.
  • Drop it off at our downtown office.
  • Send it in the mail to 125 Maiden Lane, Suite 8B, New York, NY 10038.
  • Stay tuned for a big community creative workshop day in April where we’ll gather to cut, sew, twist, and tie this brand new supersized tallit – together (kids too!).