Welcome to Lab/Shul, an artist-driven, everybody-friendly, God-optional, pop up, experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings based in NYC and reaching the world.


Break Not Mine Heart…Note from Amichai to the Community

Hello Friends,

A note from the heart:
Not that I don’t love red roses and chocolate covered hearts but the loving I’m talking about here goes deeper than that and goes year long. 
Co-creating this experiment called Lab/Shul is highest on my priority list of what love of life because recent months have taught me the priceless value of a community that is there for us at all moments of joy and need. We’re here to love each other and to help make life better for everyone. period.
And my question today is: who is ‘we’? 
I know I’m not the only one excited about this experiment in community building. 

But I’m disappointed that only TEN OF YOU have rsvp’d to this week’s 2/11 Town Hall  meeting in which we will celebrate our successes roll up our sleeves for what next year + beyond will look like including brave new ways for more of us to be included as builders and lovers and co-creators of this home. 

I know I’m being a little dramatic… but please don’t break my heart. Every face and voice and heart and hug matters so much here. I’m grateful for the minyan of committed friends showing up tomorrow night to shape our future plans and invite you to join us if you can for good wine and food and great conversation. 
  • If you can still make it – please pack a chocolate covered heart and make it a priority.  RSVP HERE
  • If you can’t come but want to be part of the conversation moving forwards – more meetings and conversations will follow. please let us know HERE.  

As always, your feedback, suggestions, ideas and red roses – very welcome and always replied. 

I look forward to seeing some of you tonight at fallowlab, tomorrow night at our town hall, this wknd at LIMMUD NY, next week at Her Majesty’s Service and more, with full and open heart. 



BTW: a quick headsup about whey we are so excited about trying out new models of participation:

There are 29 Jewish congregations all over the US trying out tnew voluntary dues model in different ways- but none of those are emerging and new congregations like us. There’s a lot at stake. This is where the Lab part of Lab/Shul comes to life. We’ve built this year’s SeasonPass model based on your feedback and suggestions last year. Now we’re coming back together to build on this conversation and take it to the next step of innovation. More background info HERE)