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Calling All FLAMERS!

Hey Lab/Shul,

Yes, of course we’d love for you to donate to Lab/Shul in honor of #GivingTuesday.

But if you want to multiply your gift and spread your light even further, sign up to become a FLAMER! In exactly two weeks we’re launching “Power of Eight”: our year-end Hanukkah campaign featuring 8 gifts over 8 days from Lab/Shul to the world, and, hopefully, from the world to Lab/Shul.

Our goal: $30,000. As a Flamer you’ll ignite your personal network with a crowdfunding campaign to help make this possible (while earning some awesome #imaflamer swag + exclusive content while you’re at it!).

Michael Dorf, the Chair of our Board of Directors, has already signed up:

“Join me in becoming a FLAMER – it’s simple, fun to do and can help Lab/Shul spread its light as far as possible. Love Lab/Shul? Love our programs? Believe in the vision? Let’s make it happen – together!”

So this #GivingTuesday, here’s two ways to give back:

Donate to Lab/Shul NOW

Sign up to be a Lab/Shul FLAMER

You + your friends + your family have the power to keep our lights shining bright for another year to come.

Forever #flaming,

– Your Lab/Shul Team