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Challah & Community – Shabbat2Go DIY Dinners Recap

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Shabbat2Go Recap
Dina Rose Friedman 
Shabbat2Go Coordinator

On Friday night, November 7th, Lab/Shul celebrated this year’s first round of Shabbat2GO DIY dinners, hosted at 6 different homes from Tribeca to Riverdale. We were provided with Shabbat Table Tents, printed tableware containing a selection of blessings, rituals and questions to help facilitate some meaningful conversation. Folks were jazzed. 


I had a wonderful Friday night meal with new friends in Riverdale. A highlight for me was that my challah was declared delicious (I thought it might be too well done) and that the hosts said that it would be finished by breakfast time. Maybe toast, maybe challah french toast — yum. I love baking, so providing something homemade to the meal was important to me. Our hostess, Ilana Rabinowitz, told a sweet story about the reason we cover the challah, so that it shouldn’t be embarrassed that we say kiddush first. Even better than the challah was the opportunity to spend a Shabbat with both old friends and new ones, as one community, spread out, yet together, across NYC.

Here are a few more notes from hosts and guests – scroll down for links to more photos and comments. 

I led several go-arounds about peace & what we would like for ourselves & the world in the coming year. There were many divergent ideas on just about everything, but I simply put out that no matter how we differed, that we respect each other’s opinions & remarkably everyone did ! It was going so well that at one point I needed to remind everyone that there actually was a meal, so we moved to the table. It was so nice that I didn’t have to use any emergency tricks to move the evening along- it just moved & everyone helped & it was a special space we created together in my home!
-Jane Neustadter, Shabbat2Go Host

A great time had by all — food was amazing and conversation was great — felt we all made some new friends and started out the weekend right.
-Janie Graver, Shabbat2Go Host

Check out more photos of the dinners on Facebook, HERE.
Missed out on our first Shabbat2Go? Join us next time on January 23rd, 2015!