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#CharacterDay – The Science of Character

Can you learn to be braver? Can practice make you more persistent?
Is it possible to cultivate your curiosity?

Tiffany ShlainThese are important questions that Lab/Shul is certainly interested in exploring and thanks to our friend and partner, Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards, puts these questions on the front burner for us to deeply consider.

Tiffany aims to ignite a global conversation on how character strengths can be learned, practiced, and cultivated. The premiere of her new film, THE SCIENCE OF CHARACTER, is TODAY! online and  in over 1,500 schools and organizations around the world.

CHARACTERTiffany challenges the conventional belief that people are stuck with the character attributes they are born with.  She posits that it is possible for anyone to build up their core character strengths and use them to achieve greater personal, academic, and professional success and happiness.

So, welcome to #CharacterDay, a 24-hour series of live events and online conversations highlighting the expanding catalog of scientific research proving that positive characteristics like self-control, optimism, and gratitude can be nurtured and developed.  Let’s dive in…

Watch Here:

Participate online (Facebook) here’s the link.