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Unscrolled! Rootop Succah Party and Ritual – come full circle at our first Full Moon Celebration of the year.

Join us to come full circle: Wrapping up the High Holy Days with UNSCROLLED – our annual Succot/Simchat Torah Celebration for all ages. 


This year we’re focusing on  once-in-seven years HAKHEL Gathering Ritual + Unscrolling the entire Torah scroll, live music & storytelling, hands-on action for homeless care, kids creativity sessions,  and potluck picnic. Did we mention that the Lower East Side Pickle Festival is happening next door right after??  


Unscrolled is the first of our SIX FULL MOONS celebrated this coming year – fusing holiday celebration, community building, social action and multi generational access to what it’s all about.

We’re thrilled to start the year on the rooftop succah of  our friends and partners at the Educational Alliance’s Manny Cantor Center in the Lower East Side.

Look out for Live Music with our ritual team+guests,  and family programming led by Shawn Shafner and the Lab/Shul Jr. Team.




*In partnership with the Manny Cantor Center, Educational Alliance,14th Street Y and will include live music, creative activities for kids and adults, and food.

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