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Deepest Condolences to Amichai

Dear Lab/Shul,

Our community mourns the loss of Amichai’s dear father, Naphtali Lau-Lavie. Amichai has traveled to Israel to be with his family for the funeral and shiva.

Naphtali (z”l) wrote his own story of surviving the Shoah in his book, Balaam’s ProphecyThe Jewish Post wrote about him and his story of his relationship with his brother, Rav Yisrael Lau, the former Chief-Ashkenazik Rabbi of Israel.

You can watch an interview of Naphtali speaking about his book and his life-story HERE
As our hearts grieve for Amichai, his mother, siblings and his entire family, we all want to be able to reach out and share our deepest condolences and love. 
Shiva will be in Israel – and upon Amichai’s return post-shloshim (30 days of mourning), we will hold a memorial gathering in New York City where Amichai will be able to receive visitors.

WE ASK THAT YOU SEND CONDOLENCE MESSAGES TO: [email protected], where messages will be held until Amichai is able to read and respond. Please do not sent messages to Amichai’s personal or Storahtelling email.

If you would like to make a donation in Naphtali’s memory, Amichai has chosen two causes:
1. Melabev Centers: an organization which helped Naphtali and 600 families who have loved ones suffering from dementia. (More on MelabevHERE
To donate, click HERE

2. Lab/Shul, towards Amichai’s discretionary fund. 

To donate, click HERE

The entire Lab/Shul community joins together to extend its deepest sympathies to Amichai and his family. We hold them in our hearts and prayers as they mourn their loss.
Zichron Livracha – May Naphtali’s memory be a blessing.

המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים
Hamakom yinachem etchem b’toch sha’ar avlei Tzion v’Yerushalayim
May the Source of Blessing comfort Amichai, his family and loved ones among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.