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Cyber Attacked! Help Us Build a Strong New Website?

Hey Lab/Shul,

It appears that during the last days of Hanukkah and just as your generous year end giving was at its peak, labshul.org experienced some issues that caused the site to go down at three different times.

It appears that the site may have come under attack by someone or a program trying to gain entry by brute force through accessing the website repeatedly. We don’t think it was Russia but we’re still exploring. Though the attempts were unsuccessful the website did automatically respond by going offline to halt the possible attack. We are closely monitoring the website and investigating a more permanent and secure solution.

We apologize to all of you who tried to access the site and donate to Lab/Shul. And we know it’s too late for 2016 donations – but how about starting the year fresh with a gift that will help us build a strong new website? Your loving kind new year gifts will be lovingly and safely welcomed HERE!

For those of you who DID donate through our website these past weeks – please know that our donation form is also hosted on a secure website so even though the site was under attack donor information was not at risk.

If you have any suggestions/feedback on this issue please email Sarah Strnad at [email protected].

Thank you for your patience and generosity. 

– The Lab/Shul Team