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David Broza’s Bridge of Peace

This past Saturday, The New York Times published a beautiful piece by Jodi Rudorn on David Broza’s peace-building through music. Broza, a member of Lab/Shul’s Advisory Board, and a long time star of our High Holy Days, released east-jerusalem-west-jerusalem, earlier this year –  a gorgeous record  dedicated to making peace in the Middle East. 

“There has to be a generation that will plant the seeds, and there will be those that will sit in the shade, and those that will eat the fruit,” he had said in an earlier interview, invoking a Talmudic tale that became a classic children’s book. “But there’s definitely nobody who’s going to sit in the shade or eat the fruit if somebody doesn’t plant the seeds.”

Read the entire article here: 

Seeking to Bridge the Arab-Jewish Conflict through Music

Bravo David!