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Deep Breath: The Best of 2015

Our Highlights


The New York Times called it “the year of the great unraveling.” In 2015 planes seemed to drop almost endlessly from the sky, huddled masses yearned to be free and to be home, new wars began even as old wars continued. In 2015 the Earth quaked and quivered, to its core. In 2015 peaceful protests reminded us that all life, no matter the color, is sacred. Flags fell. In 2015 Cuba and America shook hands, same sex marriage became law, and people across the world found reason after reason to celebrate and love and laugh and sing.

In 2015 we sometimes remembered that every moment is a gift and that life offers us chances for adding light to the world. Sometimes we even found new ways to let it shine.

2015 was huge for all of us at Lab/Shul. We are grateful to all who co-supported and co-created with us during this third year as a community in progress. Here’s a short list of some of our favorite moments, highlights, names and numbers of 2015 – taking stock with gratitude and pride:

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Not too late for one more year end gift. Get on the list of Highlights: please consider Lab/Shul as a recipient of your light to keep on shining in 2016.

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