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Different From All Other Seders

IMG_0935Smushing dates, karate chopping matzah, decorating pillow cases and packing suit cases; typical parts of a Seder right?  It all depends on the type of Seder you have. The Stupendous Model Seder at the Museum of Jewish Heritage had all that and more. Labshul’s ShirLaLa, My Haggadah creator Francine Hermelin, volunteers and parents all “modeled” ways to activate symbolic items–parsley, salt water, charoset, matzah, pillows– in ways that were not only different from all other nights, but different from all other Seders.  Nothing about this Seder was rote, and  the Seder tables sparked curiosity and brought the story to life in new ways. It was interactive, experimental, and every step was influenced by the kids and their questions. But most of all it was fun, stupendous, and truly a Seder to remember. If you want to see more photos, head over to our Facebook page.

Make sure to check out Francine’s innovative book My Haggadah: Made it Myself (described as “The most fun printable Haggadah for kids we’ve ever seen” in a recent review) and ShirLaLa’s insanely popular Pesach album – must haves for anyone celebrating Passover this year with children.