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How to Do Non-Do – FallowLab #5

This morning I overslept. My normal routine was scrambled as I raced around my apartment buttoning my shirt while simultaneously eating cereal, packing my lunch, and checking Facebook. Then, like a flash, I remembered what LabShuler David Ford shared last night at our monthly FallowLab Salon Series:

David keeps a small chime near his front door and whenever he’s rushing out of the house he stops, rings it, and listens as the sound dissipates through the space. Eventually silence returns; then and only then does he allow himself to leave. Though those 20 small seconds of stillness don’t impact when he arrives at his destination, they continue to reverberate throughout his entire day.

So I stopped. I didn’t have any chimes so I just stopped, sat, and listened for a few minutes. And I really mean it when I say that my whole day has been changed because of it.  

DSC_0152Last night was the 5th of our FallowLab Salon series, titled “Facebook – Social Network or Social Networth?” The conversation evolved from why we use Facebook to when we use it to ways to “do” non-doing in a more meaningful and effective way. Needless to say it was an insightful and provocative evening. “Meditation” can be a scary word, FallowLab isn’t – come check out all of the unexpected ideas growing out of this Shmita year.

If you missed it:

– Read a fantastic BLOG post from one of the participants, Yitzhock Lowy. (“If you don’t learn to give your body and soul its times of rest and contemplation in a deliberate  and structured way, it will take it itself.” …beautiful!)
– Join the conversation online, leave a COMMENT.
– Hear what everyone said at the salon by watching the VIDEO recording (coming soon)
COME to the next Salon, Monday April 13th at Workmen’s Circle

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-Ezra Bookman, Lab/Shul Program Associate