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Dorf’s Wildest Dreams: A note from our New Chair of the Board

Dear friend of Lab/Shul


Today is my first day as the new Chair of the Lab/Shul Board of Directors.

I’ve worked with music and wine and business my whole life – and honestly – when I started out, I did not, in my wildest dreams,  think that I’ll be doing this one day.. But this is a great honor and a fantastic challenge:  It’s not every day that a group of dedicated people comes together to rebrand and re-vision a good idea that is thousands of years old and needs a makeover.

This is the vision of Lab/Shul. And it’s a big vision for a world that really needs it.

At SPIN, our Chanukah Speakeasy just two weeks ago I was handed the Shamash from Ora Ramat, our extraordinary outgoing Board Chair. I am taking on this flame with gratitude to Ora, our fellow board members, and all of you – our partners, supporters and friends who’ve made the Lab/Shul launch possible. I have great plans and a lot of  enthusiasm for our future work together. 

You can watch MEET A FLAME our brand new brief video from the SPIN event here, and reflect, as I do, on the questions we asked on that last night of Chanukah, just ahead of the longest night of the year this coming Saturday:

What can we each do to add more light to the world?

I am taking on the responsibility of board chair with exactly this challenge in mind.  

And I have at least one idea: Please consider making a tax-deductible donation before 2013 ends and join me as a founding co-creator of Lab/Shul.

Keep the lights burning. 

Want to know  why I care so much?

Like many of you, I first encountered Amichai and Storahtelling during a High Holiday service. I was blown away. I grew up in a Conservative family, with both my parents dedicated to Jewish life, and it was important fo

r me to make sure that I hand over the values I received to my children. My wife Sarah and I tried out different synagogues and even started a Jewish education program downtown. But nothing quite spoke to who we were and what we wanted to celebrate and hand over to our kids – until we met Storahtelling and fell in love with the depth, humor, fusion of art and education, commitment to real change and a deep connection to what are the priorities of Jewish life.

 I joined the Storahtelling board to help build the B Mitzvah program – proud to have had our twins Zac and Eli be part of this incredible new way of making this rite of passage  truly transformational.

Along with Amichai and other leaders of this community I have been working for a the past two years to create Lab/Shul – the next evolution for Storahtelling, and the way for Amichai’s leadership to truly shine.

We are on the right track. 

In the next months and years I look forward to working with many of you to make sure that this light shines brightly, the impact grows and Lab/shul becomes a major milestone not only in our lives but also in the pages of Jewish History.

I invite you to join me in celebrating this exciting new chapter for me, Lab/Shul and all of us who are seeking to co-create the spiritual home of our wildest dreams.


Donate today to Lab/Shul and join in on the 1000 HUGS Founding Co-Creators Campaign to support our first years together. We are close to 

our goal of 100 gifts by the end of 2013.


Please hug us here and help turn the lights on each and every night. 


Thank you  – and see you soon,


Michael Dorf

On behalf of Lab/Shul Board of Directors