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Elul Part II – Practice and Preparation for Presence

Recently I was asked to contribute to an article by ELI Talks – a kind of Jewish TED Talks on issues and ideas that impact Jewish community. The question I responded to was: What kind of practices do you do in Elul?

Read the article HERE.

As I shared recently in this blog post: Elul: Cycles of Mourning and Memory, Elul is a time for introspection and a natural cyclical time that often brings up memory and challenges to those who have lost loved ones.  I shared some practices typical in that sphere.

But there are other practices of Elul to help bring more presence to the work of introspection, acknowledgement and, dare I say it, improvement for the future. I’d love to share a few of these that ELI Talks included in their recent article at E-Jewish Philanthropy. Perhaps some of these might be of interest or useful to you as you head towards the awe-some, high and holy days.

– Naomi Less, Director of Storahtelling