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All-Faith Ritual & Prayer Rally for Justice and Peace

  • 04:00 PM
  • 1 Centre St, NYC

This year, in a rare coincidence, both Ashura and Yom Kippur fall on the same day: September 30th. These Muslim and Jewish holidays mark each tradition’s new year and provide opportunities for deep reflection and renewal.

On this day of sacred convergence, Muslims, Jews, allied faith communities, and civic leaders will gather in lower Manhattan with a powerful message of unity. With song and prayer and in solidarity with the March for Racial Justice in Washington D.C., we will rise up together for a city, country, and world of justice and peace.

Free and open to the public. All are welcome and invited to join Lab/Shul after the rally for our Neila, the closing worship event of the Jewish High Holy Days, at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

Saturday, September 30th


FULL SCHEDULE of Lab/Shul’s High Holy Days Season

“Is this not our chosen fast day:
A day to loosen the shackles of injustice,
Break off our yokes to set free the oppressed?”
– Isaiah 58:6