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Lab/Shul Israel Trip 2015: Initial Info. Meeting

  • 06:00 PM
  • Global Strategy Group, 895 Broadway (20th Street), 5th floor
  • (212) 908-2523

imgresLab/Shul is going to Israel on our maiden voyage – August 2015.

Want to come with us? 

Join our initial info. meeting – to hear our ideas – share your needs, ideas and questions. Let’s co-create.  (Scroll down for more details & estimated costs) 

Join Amichai and Ezra Korman, CEO of Makor Educational Journeys to find out and sign up. 

November 11, 2014,  6-8pm. 

We are generously hosted by Lab/Shul Board Member Jon Sylvan:
Global Strategy Group, 895 Broadway (20th Street), 5th floor  

QUESTIONS/RSVP: [email protected]  

Join our first community journey this coming summer.
Amichai & the Lab/Shul leadership team will guide a nine day study trip, family friendly (kids 10 and up) from South to North, exploring lesser known sites, meeting extraordinary people, tasting the best, celebrating Shabbat in Jerusalem, hiking and biking, and more. 
The trip is organized by Makor Educational Journeys

Estimated Costs: $2,500 per person+flights 
Family Packages available. 

Lab/Shul Israel Trip

August 2015 (exact dates TBD) 

Why travel to Israel as a congregation?

It’s about connecting and reconnecting to what’s sacred and meaningful in our lives.

connecting to Israel  – and what its many stories tell us about who we are, about our shared legacies, challenges and dreams as a global Jewish community committed to progress, justice and peace.  Coinciding with the Shmita year, this trip will give us a chance to focus on the meaning of land and homeland – from political, cultural, enviromental and religious angles.

The trip will include locations, local voices and  flavors, real conversations from across the cultural, religious and political spectrum of current Israeli society.  Organized by Makor Educational Journeys

connecting to our deeper Jewish story, as pilgrims to a holy land, meeting ancient and new teachers, sites, secrets that touch our soul in profound ways.

The trip will include on-site study sessions led by Amichai and local guest teachers, ritual and worship times, a festive shabbat in Jerusalem, and encounters with sister congregations in Israel exploring similar path of renewal.

connecting to each other as a community: few experiences are as bonding to a community as shared travel. Whoever joins our first trip will join us in co-creating this experience as an important milestone for those who go on the trip, and for the rest of the community.

Who’s Coming:  Open to all adults, families with kids 10 and up. 

More  – coming soon.