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Lab/Shul’s 2nd Night Seder Matching!

  • Location to be determined once you are matched up with a host.

Want to be a guest at a Second Seder? Have an extra seat and want to host? All year round and especially on Passover we are encouraged to welcome guests and strangers to our homes. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends from the Lab/Shul community in a more intimate setting and create new Seder memories and traditions.

This year, the Lab/Shul team of staff and volunteers are happy to play matchmaker and upgrade your Second Seder.



April 23


In an apartment or home near you!

What To Do.

To participate:

1. Both hosts and guests, please fill out this survey by April 4th.

2. Using the information that you provide we will do our very best to find you the perfect match. We will let you know by April 13th if we found a match.

3. Once the match is made the rest is up to the host(s) and guest(s).

Questions/Feedback: [email protected]

Delicious and Meaningful Passover!