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Social Network or Social Networth? FallowLab Monthly Study Salon 5

  • 06:30 PM

Social Network or Social Networth?

Facebook as Example: Complex options, simple solutions, and how Shmita can help us get t/here.


Fallowlab’s monthly focus for March 2015 is about the complexity of online living – and how the ancient tool of Shmita may be helpful towards better balance and solutions. 

Facebook – yes or no? There are many good things to say about the gain of social networking and connections, but beyond the issue of addiction and shallow presentations of self – the real issue here is our growing lack of privacy, abused quite openly and increasingly by the seekers of commercial gain. Is it worth it?

Rabbi Kook, Douglas Rushkoff, Havi Brooks, Tiffany Shlain and a few other wise people shed some light on this and invite us to the conversation. Join us in NYC’s Workmen’s Circle or online via webinar on March 9 for the next Fallowlab salon.

Join Amichai Lau-Lavie and guest teachers for a monthly exploration of the Shmita year as part of Lab/Shul’s Fallow Lab Project.

The Fallow Lab Project, spearheaded by Amichai Lau-Lavie and the Lab/Shul NYC Community, in partnership with artists, social media innovators, educators and community leaders worldwide, reclaims and reimagines Shmita for the 21st Century.

The Fallow Lab Project will include a year-long process of learning and practicing methods and models for more responsible, healthy and empowering use of technology in our personal and professional lives. This process will enable us to rest, reset and restore – encouraging better balance of work/life, connecting us deeper into the wisdom of our traditions, and cultivating tools for more mindfulness, happiness and global responsibility.

Each month, starting in Tishrei (September 2014) and ending with Elul (August 2015) will feature study with Amichai on key passages from Jewish literary sources on the Shmita and spotlight one area in our digital lives that could benefit from observation, improvement, and possibly, partial or complete release.

LOCATION: The Workmen’s Circle
247 West 37th Street – 5th Floor
6:30pm to 8:30pm – BYO Potluck! 

FREE for Lab/Shul SeasonPass Holders
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