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Spring Forward – Shabbat AM

  • 09:30 AM

Shabbat AM – March 21

Once again, night and day, stand in perfect balance. 


On the day of the vernal equinox and the new moon of the month of Nissan, join us for some inner spring cleaning.
In Pre Passover mode we’ll explore what it takes to come clean Leviticus style to better approach the rites of spring and Seder. Featuring: Iraqi-Jewish liturgy – and bluegrass. 

This Shabbat AM is popping up in an old-new hood – the Lower East Side’s historical University Settlement House

STAFF naomi color croppedLimgres-4ab/Shul ritual leaders: Amichai Lau-Lavie, Naomi Less


Cantor George Mordechai

Special guest: Cantor George Mordechai 


Glenn Grossman


Katie Down


Matt Check

Musicians: Matt Check, Glenn Grossman and Katie Down

claire joseph

Claire Joseph

mollie andron

Mollie Andron

Storah-Mavens: Mollie Andron and Claire Joseph sharing their creative take on Leviticus – Vayikra 1.

Where: University Settlement House

 March 21, 2015
9:30am Coffee, Chat, Arts & Crafts
10am-12:30pm Worship Event (kid’s programming continues throughout)

FREE thanks to a Sabbath Angel

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Feeling In a Giving Mood?
Please bring along any unopened food stuffing up your pantry (kosher is preferred) for Project Ore,  which has served emergency kosher meals and provided counseling, case management, and other support services to isolated, poor, homeless, and mentally ill Jews since 1987.

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