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Shabbat 2 GO! Lab/Shul DIY Shabbat Dinners at homes

Shabbat Dinner 2 go Lab/Shul’s SHABBAT 2 Go

Friday Night Dinners – Bring it Home

On Friday Night, November 7th,  join  Lab/Shul for our first Shabbat 2 Go of 5775: Shabbat dinners at local homes with old and new Lab/Shul friends.

Lab/Shul will provide soul food: your very own Dinner 2 Go placemat and inspirational conversation starters – you all bring what goes on the plate and in the glass.


We are growing! But let’s not lose intimacy. Besides – less is more and what’s better than fresh baked challah around a dinner party table? Smaller dinners enable Lab/Shul friends to celebrate Shabbat together in personal settings, getting to know each other better and delving deeper into what sacred time and space is all about.  


You! Our Shabbat 2 Go chair Dina Rose Friedman along with the Lab/Shul staff will be helping all of us to gather around tables across NYC and beyond. (Last year we had one in NJ!)

Where?Dinner Wburg 1

Across NY Metro Area zip codes, different hosts will open their homes to 8-10 people – a perfect number for great conversation. Dinners will be a mix of Lab/Shul co-creators and and new friends.  


Want to Host? Got a home that can comfortably seat 8 or more people and love to entertain?  (Signup HERE!) Deadline OCTOBER 22nd.

(Each host will be responsible for the main course and will make arrangements with guests for the rest of the meal. Dietary restrictions and other needs will be taken into consideration. We will be offering a “host-pitality conference call” with our friends at “Start Up Shabbat” for all hosts.)

Want to meet some other Lab/Shul folks? Be a guest (Signup HERE) Deadline OCTOBER 29th

(Lab/Shul will match volunteer hosts with guests in nearby zip-codes for convenience and budding local community.   We will also provide DIY ritual and conversation starters.)

Kids? Adults?

Some homes will be kid-friendly and invite families to come together and some will be adult-only.  Your call!     

Bring Shabbat home!