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Shed & Shabbat / Tashlich Picnic

  • 05:00 PM

First Sabbath of the Year – on the Pier!

Let’s Shed & Shabbat.

Friday, Sep 26, Pier-84, 5:00-8:00pm.

Join the Lab/Shul team for live music on the Hudson river –  to shed our oops and yikes moments into the water, Tashlich Style.
Right after the Taslich ritual we will create a musical circle to welcome the first Sabbath of the year, followed by a potluck picnic.
Kids programming** provided by the fabulous Linda White, Playcurator (Imagination Play Project founder/creator)

BYOB (bread crumbs) + snacks and blankets. Candles, Challah and honey – on us!

Tashlich, Hebrew for “shedding” or “casting off”, is an ancient ceremony of mysterious origins, traditionally performed on the afternoon of Rosh Ha’Shana. The previous year’s transgressions are symbolically “cast off” by throwing pieces of bread, into a natural body of flowing water. 

* rain? stay tuned for updates.

imagesimages-1LOCATION: PIER 84 (44th and West Side Highway) 
directions to pier-84

Looking to join up for a pre-Tashlich walk with Amichai? 

Join Amichai and Shawn Shafner on a Judeo-Pagan walk in Manhattan during the first week of the Jewish New Year. The group will walk from Hell’s Kitchen down to the river, pausing to cast away our private and public histories: discarding assumptions, handing over possessions and making room for change. Space limited to 50 people – click HERE for more info.

**Using recycled materials children, Linda will give kids the opportunity to use language of words and materials to express explore and create tashlich