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  • 07:00 PM
  • BigToe Yoga - 580 Broadway, Second Floor

New look, same soul. Inspired by our successful summertime parties for 20s and 30s, we’re back for our third year with a whole new way to shake off the workweek and welcome Sabbath spirit.

An intimate evening of sacred meditation, sound healing, creative ritual, and an unplugged concert with boundary-pushing pop powerhouse STOLAR + light vegan bites, summer cocktails from Gefilteria, fresh homemade kombucha, and really good chocolate.

$20 + one free cocktail / $15 Early Bird (ends Aug 15)

Purchase tickets HERE! (Space is very limited)




Friday, August 25th, 7-11pm

7pm-8pm / UNPLUG:

Tapas, Cocktails (Gefilteria), Kombucha, Cell-phone Coat Check (Reboot)

8pm-9:15pm / UNWIND:

Embodied Release (BigToe Yoga), Guided Meditation (Rachel Stein), Sacred Sound Healing (Basia Blonska Sound), Sabbath Angel Ritual (Lab/Shul)

9:15-10pm / RECHARGE:

Unplugged Concert with STOLAR


Fresh fruit, Chocolate


BigToe Yoga580 Broadway, Second Floor


Purchase tickets HERE! (Space is very limited)

STOLAR has written over 1,000 songs in the last four years, while frequently flying between New York, Los Angeles and Nashville. Now in 2017, Stolar has turned personal stories into lush and danceable yet undeniably deep songs. His music has distinguishing R&B and electronic characteristics that give warmth to his boundary-pushing pop songwriting. Between “Paralyzed” and “Feel Good,“ a Stolar song represents the plain and simple yearn for freedom and happiness when you are fraught with daily unease. Living with depression and bipolar, he’s also dedicated his storytelling skills to shed light on mental health. He’s worked with both the Jed Foundation, speaking alongside advocates such as Brittany Snow, as well as Demi Lovato’s Be Vocal campaign. Check out his music HERE.

BASIA BLONSKA is a classically trained flutist who received her MA in music performance. As a member of philharmonic orchestras and various chamber ensembles she has performed throughout the world and also took part in television broadcasts on Polish National TV while performing with big band orchestras. Since moving to New York she has performed at Carnegie Hall, Jazz @ Lincoln Center, and the DiMenna Center among others. Basia has developed a profound interest in sound modalities and their use in the broader scope of music healing therapies. She become a certified sound practitioner after having graduated from the Sound and Music Institute in 2014. She has studied with the Great Gong Master Don Conreaux, Grammy nominated Silvia Nakkach and renowned sound theorist Dr. John Beaulieu. She is very passionate and committed to bringing sound healing and its therapeutic effects to a broader audience, working closely with Conscious Campus and You can Thrive organization. Basia is also Reiki practitioner. Find out more HERE.

RABBI KERRY CHAPLIN is the first Rabbinic Fellow of Lab/Shul. At the core of Kerry’s rabbinate is relationship, which inspires her to work towards a world in which truth and empathy shall kiss and justice and peace shall meet (Psalm 85, 11). That work is anchored in intersectional spirituality, in which our greatest socio-political inequities inform our religious identities and practices, help us to become more of who we are, and drive us to shape a more whole world. Through projects likeTwo Faiths One Prayer, Talmud + Yoga, and Jewishness and Race workshops, Kerry encourages others to bring all of who they are to Torah and Torah to all the pieces of who they are. Kerry was ordained by the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in 2015 and received both a B.A. in Religious Studies and an M.A. in Non-Profit Management from Washington University in St. Louis. She’s a community organizer, a yoga teacher, a former rugby player, and lives with her wife Julia, her cats Louie and Izzy, and her dog Charlie (Chaplin).

EZRA BOOKMAN is proud to be Lab/Shul’s first Program Associate. Raised by a Rabbi and Jewish educator in Miami Florida, he grew up surrounded by passionate and creative expressions of Judaism. He is is excited to bring this energy to the Lab/Shul community, creating fresh engaging pathways with which to experience the joy of Jewish life. Ezra earned his B.F.A in Theater Studies at Southern Methodist University where he was awarded the prestigious Meadows Scholar Award. He works as a director, playwright, poet, actor, and performance artist.

RACHEL STEIN has been living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for the last two years. She splits her time between teaching and coaching clients as part of her Life Coaching practice. Rachel maintains a daily meditation practice for over two years. In January she participated in a 60-hour Meditation Teacher Training Program with Michael Stone, an international Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist. This teacher-training program equipped Rachel to deliver meditation practice to others. She continues to learn from Michael Stone through online courses and attends weekly zazen at the Zen Center of New York City. Through moment-to-moment somatic awareness and embodied techniques, Rachel’s clients find a deeper connection to their authentic selves, and a greater confidence to live life on their own terms. She leads BreathingWith, which meets every 1st Tuesday of the month for meditation and discussion focused on applying meditation techniques.

CATHERINE MIRANDA joined BigToe Yoga as a teacher after completing her teacher training in India through Jivamukti Yoga School. Yoga has been a vehicle for so much happiness on and off the mat, teaching a life of devotion, scriptural study, compassion/ non-harming , music/ deep listening and meditation – all integrated with a fun and very vigorous asana practice! Catherine bows to all of her holy teachers, especially Sharon Gannon and David Life for establishing the Jivamukti method, “a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings.” Catherine is passionate about making yoga accessible for people of all ages and abilities ~ all who are interested in Samadhi (Union & Bliss). Catherine teaches a range of classes throughout the city, including private sessions, Mommy and Me Yoga, and Special Needs Yoga, all of which complement her inspiring Jivamukti vinyasa classes.

BIG TOE YOGA studio opened in Soho, Manhattan in April 2017 with a mission to introduce more yoga and meditation into people’s lives. We strongly believe that yoga has the potential to dramatically improve most aspects of one’s life. Driven by its mission, BigToe presents a radical approach to pricing. Unlike most other available options, it offers classes priced at just five for $60 with no expiration. The space is located on Broadway between Houston and Prince, and the classes are taught by a team comprising of extremely reputed teachers.

Big thanks to BigToe Yoga and Yogaworks for their generous support!