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Talking about Israel and Us: A Conversation with Amichai

  • 06:00 PM
  • 125 Maiden Lane, New York City, Suite 8B

Join Amichai for another round of talking from the heart about what’s going on in Israel, Palestine- and us.  This is not a talk about facts but a chance to share, air our fears and hopes and come together to stand for peace and hopes. 

The conversation will happen at Lab/Shul HQ- Makom Hadeash, 125 Maiden Lane, NYC.
You can also join it via a free phone conference service:

July 30 2014, 6-7pm EST

(760) 569-0800
Code -978294#

Please email your RSVP or any questions to Molly

This call will also be recorded and posted on our site.