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Virtual Mourner’s Kaddish

  • 12:00 PM
  • free conference call number: 641-715-3296, Code:978294#

Weekly Mourner’s Kaddish phone call – every Thursday at NOON EST – for the benefit of those of us who find attending synagogue/minyan a challenge for any number of reasons and yet wish to take time in honoring loved ones with a community of like minded souls. Also a way for friends and family to stand in solidarity and care with mourners. This is an experiment in virtual ritual reality.

How it works: those of us reciting Kaddish in memory of loved ones gather on a free conference call, share our names and reason for kaddish, read a poem and learn a brief sacred teaching together, and then recite the Kaddish together. 30 minutes or so – depends on how many of us get on the call.

Please join the Lab/Shul’s Kaddish Club Google Group to RSVP.

Call into the free conference call number: 641-715-3296, Code:978294#

Click here for a PDF of the Mourner’s Kaddish with transliteration and translation.