I am. But before take off on this year-long exploration of resetting, restarting and restoring my online and offline life – I want to map out the journey ahead and be clear about what I’m doing, why I’m taking this on,how it’s going to happen – and who’s coming along for the ride.

So this first monthly conversation orients the travelers, examines the travel gear, sets the frame for the year’s worth of exploring, restarts a new year and reclaims an ancient agricultural system as a modern tool for techno-human improvement.

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You can join this conversation in one or more of seven ways:

READ the DIY Conversation Starter Kit – online.
PRINT the kit and start your own conversation
LISTEN to my 20 min. podcast reviewing the sources in the DIY kit
ATTEND my monthly webinar or NYC study salon
WATCH a monthly video clip
DO something about digital wellbeing
POST your own suggestions, tips and responses


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