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FAST FORWARD: #InaugurationFast on 1/20/17

“Solemnize a fast, Proclaim an assembly; Gather the elders—all the inhabitants of the land— In the House of the Divine, Cry out to the Creator.” (Joel 1:14)
The Lab/Shul Community is honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with faith leaders and communities from across the nation for #InaugurationFast. a day of fast and resistance on Friday January 20th, 2017, sunrise to sunset. 

Join Americans of conscience for a day of spiritual cleansing as we prepare for #moralresistance.

Our community will break the fast ritually at Sabbath Queen, Friday night at The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn. Let each minute of the daylight bring clarity and purpose.

More info here or here.

I fast because I hunger for solidarity at a time of division
I fast because I thirst for kindness when there is mean-spirited trolling
I fast because I yearn for community in response to a fracture of our polity
I fast because I prepare my soul for the difficult times ahead
I fast because I stand ready to organize and respond
I fast because my Jewish tradition recognizes fasting as a response to national calamity
I fast because abstention imposes discipline and renunciation in response to a president-elect who displays neither
I fast because my hunger and need on one short day will mirror the millions who will be in want in the next four years
I fast with them and I fast with you, for we are one nation, under God, indivisible.

Rabbi Burt Visotzky