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First Lab/Shul Study Salon in Soho – Success!

How do we wake up in the morning and what can we do to do it better – with more intention and a smile, grounding ourselves for a new day?

32 of us gathered last night at the  Soho Gallery for Digital Art for the Lab/Shul first study salon of the season.  Great crowd – all ages, some who’ve shown up to Lab/Shul before and some new, from as far as Westchester and Sweden – with many from Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, Straight, LGBT, Jewish and not.

We explored some of Judaism’s oldest tips for a better morning routine, shared our own, roared like lions (it says to do so in one of the books) drank wine, sang along with Shira, laughed a lot and took home handy tips for good mornings.

One of the participants wrote on our FB page this morning – ‘wow – woke up with the words ‘I am grateful’ in my head – this intention really works! changes everything!’

Thank you for all who helped get this salon started, and for all who showed up and shared wisdom.

Join us on Oct. 26 for the next session in the series – how to enjoy everything about eating and how to slow it down.

Lab/Shul Study Salon Series

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