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5 Free Downloadable Ritual Seder Guides (+ a bonus!)

No Hagaddah? No sweat. Here’s five free options to upgrade and update your Seder from Lab/Shul and some of our friends:

SAYDER  – Lab/Shul
An alternative Seder recipe, celebrating Passover’s best and getting rid of the rest, structured around a new version of the four questions.

Next Year in a Just World”  (+ a ton of other resources!) – AJWS
A global justice Hagaddah, helping us think of the millions of people around the world, including women, girls and LGBT people, who are still enslaved to poverty, violence, discrimination, and many other afflictions.

Hagaddah + 7 Tips For Leading a Kick-Ass Seder”  – Jew Belong
From the women behind Manhattan Mini Storage’s iconic billboards, easy-to-follow, fun, touching, humorous and non-intimidating content to add meaning to your current routine.

Jubilee Hagaddah” – SISO, in cooperation with NIF
Marking 50 years since the 6 Day War, thirty authors, artists and thinkers from throughout the Jewish world have joined together in commentary, song, moral outcry and contemporary interpretations to the Haggadah.

HIAS’ 2017 Haggadah Supplement” – HIAS
Includes the stories of some of today’s refugees, who like our ancestors, have fled violence and persecution, and are searching for safety.

And a little tasty bonus…

The Gefilteria Passover Guide
Old school wisdom for your modern kitchen with tips for prepping, recipes and more.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Simon Prades