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How to Get Unstuck! Note from our Pre passover Family Program in Brooklyn

What do all of us have in common? We all get stuck – and we all want to get unstuck – and that’s what Passover is all about!


This past Sunday at Brooklyn’s Congregation Mount SInai, a whole bunch of us got unstuck in prep for Seder. Shira Kline, beloved Lab/Shul musician and maven, and Francine Hermelin Levite, Lab/Shul co-creator and author of the crafting and conversation book My Haggadah: Made It Myself, combined their love of curiosity, creativity and music to create a fantastic family program that combined rich conversation and collective art-making with thought-provoking steps for families to personalize their seder experiences.


We started with a musical journey that took us into the ancient tale of the Exodus, and back to the experience of being stuck in slavery and all that’s holding us back.  What does this story mean for us today – and how can we too get UNSTUCK?

We illustrated our stuckness, talked about what’s holding us back – homework or overwork – families crossed age limits to open up to each other with empathy and humor.

So how do we get unstuck? We leapt into the parting sea, traveling on to where we feel more free to be who we want to be, coming up with great idea for bringing this message to our homes and to our Seders.

shira and francine


Part art therapy, part musical, all parts curious,each family left with their own personal game plan to DIY their journey from stuck to unstuck. A rich musical, conversational and crafting afternoon was had by all. Thanks for joining us on another experimental and meaningful Lab/Shul afternoon. Happy Passover – more fun family days coming soon…