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GIFT #2: This Little Light of Yours

Welcome to Lab/Shul’s Hanukkah fundraising campaign, #POWEROFEIGHT. This is your chance to illuminate, to celebrate, and to help us keep our light shining bright for the year ahead. Our goal is to raise $30,000 in 8 days, Dec. 11-19. You in?



We’re giving too! 8 digital gifts over 8 days to upgrade your holiday happenings. Scroll down for today’s gift, then share this blog or tag and share on Facebook or Instagram.

Love and Light,

– The Lab/Shul Team



GIFT #2: This Little Light of Yours


Our good friends at Reboot are re-imagining the concept of gift giving into tikkun olam – asking us to consider how we “give light” to others this season. Maybe it’s giving your time, talents or money to the causes you believe in. Maybe it’s speaking up against injustice or supporting a friend in need. Whatever it means to you, here’s a few gifts you can print at home to help let your light shine:

  1. Give Light One-Pager and Bookmarks to share, get crafty, or spark a conversation with your family or party guests.
  2. Give Light Coupon Book to give someone your gift of light.

For more info and even more resources, CLICK HERE!