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GIFT #4: Our Winter SOULstice Playlist

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GIFT #4: Our Winter SOULstice Playlist


A collection of the Lab/Shul Team’s favorite irresistibly happy songs that help us move, groove, and shake off the winter blues: Winter SOULstice Playlist 2017!

Listen free on Spotify and check out who chose what and why below.

+ Check out local DJ and producer Sun Ascendant’s funk filled playlist specially crafted for Lab/Shul’s SPIN Hanukkah Party following Sabbath Queen TONIGHT…and for all your own personal holiday party needs!


1. Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
Ezra Bookman: “Everywhere becomes an instant dance floor when I hear this song – sidewalk, office, subway car…I just can’t help it.”
2. Abba – Super Trouper
Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie: “I grew up on Hasidic pop and ABBA. The rest is details.”
3. Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine
Sarah Sokolic: “Has been giving me the happies since 1983 and still does the trick in 2017!”
4. Leela James – A Change is Gonna Come
Rabbi Kerry Chaplin: “Wherever we come from, however much doubt I may carry, however long and in what darkness I have been carrying it, I know I can carry on.”
5. Bob Marley – Three Little Birds
Naomi Less: “Reminding me that things will be alright ultimately – with the morning rising sun coming in. Can be hard to remember in the dead of winter.”
6. Angelique Kidjo – Summertime
Shira Kline: “Delicious vocals, and you know, Summertime.”
7. Rilo Kiley – With Arms Outstretched
Hillary Robbins: “Its a song about a storybook “Best Day Ever,” tied to a memory of one of my Best Nights Ever, spent elbow to elbow at a Rilo Kiley concert in college singing along with the band and crowd. Plus, there’s a xylophone featured, so automatic magic right there.”
8. Roy Orbison – You Got It
Tzipporah Shapiro: “It’s pure joy to stop what you’re doing and play the air tympani.”
9. The Soul Rebels – Sweet Dreams are Made of This
Sarah Strnad: “This song puts me in a good mood as soon as I hear it; it starts out somber and then the brass comes in and all of a sudden you recognize the song and start bobbing your whole body.”
10. Nina Simone – Feeling Good
Jason Erick Taylor: “When I’m feeling low and defeated, Nina’s words warm my spirit like the rising sun and gives me hope to start again.”
Jonny P – Shine On
Stolar – Feel Good
Mana – Rodrigo Amarante
Louie Louie – The Kingsmen
Peace Train – Yusuf / Cat Stevens