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GIFT #8: Paying It Forward to Refugee Children

Hey Lab/Shul,

The eighth night of Hanukkah – our last chance to fan our flames out into the world, confident in the power of positivity.

We are just $1766.50 away from reaching our goal of $30,000. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

To wrap up our #POWEROFEIGHT campaign, we invite you to join us in supporting a grassroots Israeli initiative: a school for Syrian refugee children stranded in Greece. The International School of Peace founded last year by energized Israeli activists, is a ray of light in a world of too much darkness. Grab a box of tissues and check out this beautiful video of their work. On Friday night, a group of these remarkable young leaders joined us at Sabbath Queen to share their story and ask for help. We’re on it.

10% of every gift we receive this week will be donated to The International School of Peace.

Your support means that we can continue being here, year-round, lights on, with more soul-fuel stations for even more people, co-supporting important organizations around the world and making the world a much better place to live in.

Thank you for being part of the power of light, eight days and beyond.

– Rabbi Amichai