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#Giving Tuesday – A Gift for You

Dear Lab/Shul,

I am writing to you on behalf on the Board of Directors. We’ve got a gift for you today: our newest music video with memories of our most recent High Holy Days.

Come, come again: Best of High Holy Days 2014

As Chairman of the Lab/Shul Board, and as 2014 winds down, I’m thrilled to report on so many successes and I’m counting on you to help us end this fiscal year on an even higher note – with your generous investment in Lab/Shul’s future. 

I wanted to reach out to each and every person touched by Amichai and the Lab/Shul Team this past year.  It has been an incredible year of growth and achievement for our community, but in order to continue growing and serving our needs, we need more fuel for the fire.

As over 3000 of you who attended our High Holy Days at Tribeca Performing Arts Center, we sold out the facility and reached thousands more online, connecting so many of us to our souls.  I’m not one to cry – but it was deeply moving to be with 1000 people arm-in-arm, singing, praying – emotionally and physically connected.

This past year saw major increase in our programming: 10 Shabbat morning events,holiday programs for all ages, adult study salons, and over a dozen “Raising the Bar” B Mitvah celebrations.  The buzz and our reputation keeps getting stronger.

We are lucky to have a leader like Amichai Lau-Lavie, who, in little more than a year from now, will become ordained as an official Rabbi by JTS. We’re thrilled to have such a fantastic team, including Naomi Less, Shira Kline, scores of artists, educators, volunteers – and many of you.

We are all part of this laboratory, pushing the boundaries of Judaism, and we need to keep on building this – together. As we get to the end of the year, consider a tax deductible donation to Lab/Shul. Join as a SeasonPass holder, as co-creators by making monthly contributions, or just by giving a one-time gift.  

And stay tuned for Dec. 8th – our second annual phone-athon (named “Shmita-thon”) – you may just get a phone call!

Thanks so much and see you at one of our upcoming Hanukkah events.

Michael Dorf

Chair of the Board, Lab/Shul

-on behalf of the Lab/Shul Board of Directors

P.S. Today is #GivingTuesday – and if you have not yet donated to us in 2014 – and even if you have – your gift means that you are joining us to make a difference, just one click away.

I’m happy to donate to Lab/Shul

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