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Go Flush Yourself: What We Learned at Our 3rd Study Salon


Thirty five people sat at the Soho ArtHouse this past Tuesday, wine in hand, talking about toilets.


The third of Lab/Shul’s four-part study session series about mindfulness in daily living focused on the lesser spoken of sacred action with so many names and so much shame. What if we weren’t so private about it? How would potty training look in a healthier society that does a better job balancing body and soul?

We looked at the Talmud’s suggestions of prayers for before and post poo, checked out historical facts about the evolution of toilets, talked about finding ways to make more meaning of each moment in our lives and learned a lot about current conditions on the planet from Shawn Shafner, a master teacher and Storahtelling Lab/Shul leader who is also the founder of POOP: The People’s Own Organic Project

Check Shawn’s inspiring work in this short vid: GO FLUSH YOURSELF

And we left with this quote by Rabbi Gershon Winkler echoing in our minds:

“…with the right kind of consciousness one could render one’s bowel movement as sacred as one’s religious practice. ..the way of the Jewish Shaman, the way of spiritual awareness that was attained not in spite of down home emotional and physical consciousness but because of it. “

Join us on November 26 for the fourth and last session for the season: SLEEP.  How to go to bed with whatever it takes to get the rest we need. the rest is details. sign up for SLEEP