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Got a highlight from the Women’s March? Share with us!

A tremendous thanks to the 400+ people and multiple organizations that joined together to represent Downtown Jewish Life at Saturday’s historic Women’s March in NYC.

We want to hear what this experience meant to you. Please share with us a short highlight, reflection, picture, favorite chant, or even just a single word to describe your experience.

We’ll be collecting your stories and posting them here on our blog so they can be heard – and amplified. Send your name as you’d like it to appear, story, and city where you marched to [email protected].

And if you’re feeling fired up and want to channel that energy into organized action, join Rabbi Kerry at Activate: A Community Organizing Training and Brainstorm Session on February 15th. We’ll determine our gifts, skills and assets for sustaining one another and contributing to movements towards justice, both as individuals and as Lab/Shul. RSVP and more info HERE.

Any thoughts, suggestions or requests for how Lab/Shul can respond to this important moment in our country’s history, please email Rabbi Kerry at [email protected]