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GOT RIPPLES? Co-Create Lab/Shul’s High Holy Days Content

This year’s High Holy Days theme at Lab/Shul is “Becoming Full Circle”. We are focusing on our human needs for empathy, intimacy and co-existence, made more urgent by urban, digital and political realities. Join us at the head of the year and all year round to co-create intimate and local communal circles of care, compassion, and justice as ways to better connect us to our best selves and to each other from across the spectrum of divides. 

Each year we curate a collection of inspirational sources and teachings to ground our vision in the inherited wisdom of our teaches and ancestors, from the Jewish bookshelves and beyond. This year, we invite you to co-create this collection with us. This curated collection will be featured on our website and selected quotes and teachings will appear in printed High Holy Days materials. 

We welcome:

1. Poems, quotes and short teachings about the power and meaning of the circle
2. Short personal reflections on one of the following questions (no longer than 250 words): 

When were you a part of a ripple effect? What did you learn from the experience? 
Describe a moment in your life when you felt part of a circle. 
Draw on your imagination: who do you hope to dance with in a circle?

Please send submissions to Rabbi Kerry, [email protected], with the Subject Line: RIPPLES no later than September 1st.