Welcome to Lab/Shul, an artist-driven, everybody-friendly, God-optional, pop up, experimental community for sacred Jewish gatherings based in NYC and reaching the world.


Help us Park our Ark!

The ancient Hebrews took their tabernacle with them everywhere they traveled, which is why the ark had special poles for easy transport. 


 Lab/Shul is following this hallowed tradition: we are pop-up by design. Next year we are committed to more programs – we will need more locations – and we need YOUR HELP in finding the perfect venues to park our ark. 


Got a few hours to spare, real estate sense and an interest in securing our sacred spaces? 


Within the next two weeks we will upload our full calendar for 5775, including times and places.  To do that – we need volunteers from our community to help us scout, vet, and approve new venues suitable for  

Shabbat mornings and afternoons, Holiday celebrations and Study Salons: Schools, Galleries, Churches, Performance venues or others – we’re curious to see what shows up, all over Manhattan (and maybe some Brooklyn too.)  

Please email Molly or call her at 212-908-2523 or email Naomi with questions/suggestions.   Thanks!