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Her First Purim – Justice Club brings smiles to the Jewish Home residents

In well over 80 years, Ms. Fujimoto had never heard of Purim. And yet there she was, one of the most enthusiastic and lively people in the room, a “Hello My Name Is” name tag slapped to her forehead, meticulously crafting little flower pots for all her friends that were too sick to participate. But not only for her friends…at the end, rolling out of the room, a saw a bright little red flower sticking out of her bag.

This past Sunday, my very first program here at Lab/Shul, I experienced a whole new dimension to Purim. Sure, drinking and costumes are fun, but nothing creates joy and smiles quite like a gift from the heart. And that’s exactly what our Raising the Bar Justice Club and their parents did, joining with seniors at the Jewish Home to make fabulous Purim goody bags for room-bound residents. As we packed books, poems, playing cards, and little mini flower pots into bags, you could literally feel the joy passing right from our hands, in to the gifts, and directly on to the all the recipients.

One of our participants, Katie Workman, a Raising the Bar Parent, shares her experience:

jewish home rtb improv

“There was a real feeling of warmth about the whole day, and it’s such an underscoring of how our kids at this age can really make a contribution to the lives of other people. It was just very sweet. At the end, everyone involved got to say a word or a phrase to express how they were feeling and the kids came up with words like “grateful” and “happy” and “thankful,” which were so nice to hear. There was a surprising amount of humor woven throughout as well, which made it light and fun.”

Big thanks to Amichai, Naomi, the Jewish Home’s Director of Religious Life Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, and improv superstar Jonathan Goldberg from Cherub Improv for their teachings, songs, and entertainment.

Click here for more photos.

If you want to make someone happy and experience Purim the Lab/Shul way, there’s still a chance! Join us on our mishloach manot mission at the Education Alliance’s Project Ore this Thursday, 4:00-7:00.

Chag Sameach, hope to see you Thursday!
Ezra Bookman
Program Associate

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